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Meet the staff of Countryside Veterinary Clinic!

Dr. Lisa Kutchins, DVM

I began my veterinary career early by helping out my local veterinarian in Haslett, MI beginning in 8th grade and continued to work with him for the next 8 years. My interest was small animal, but in veterinary school and for a couple years afterward, I did both large and small. Currently I work with both small animal and wildlife.

I received my Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University in 1980 and graduated from MSU in 1984 with my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Following graduation, I worked in Brighton Animal Hospital, followed by Lowell Veterinary Clinic, and Ypsilanti Animal Hospital. In 1993, I started the first mobile veterinary clinic in the area, working out of a 28 foot renovated van, which was the beginning of Countryside Veterinary Clinic.

The joys of my life, other than being able to work in veterinary medicine, are my two daughters, Halley and Maris, who are both grown and on their own now, and a menagerie of pets including three dogs, four cats, and a plethora of wildlife.

After 30 years, I still follow the premise to treat each of my clients as though they were family and each of my patients as though they were my own. And I thank each and every one of them for giving me that opportunity.

Dr. Nicole Fischhoff, Veterinarian

Dr. Nicole is a Lenawee County native, beginning her undergraduate degree at Central Michigan University, then finishing at Adrian College. She received her doctorate from Michigan State University at the beginning of 2023.

Following graduation, she began working at an emergency veterinary hospital in Ann Arbor, but has since changed courses and now enjoys the general practice setting.

Dr. Nicole has two cats, Phoebe and Charlie, and a Basset Hound mix named Benny. In her free time, she enjoys working out, doing anything outdoors, and reading mystery novels.

Samantha, Receptionist

Samantha joined the Countryside team in March 2021 as receptionist. She had previously worked in the veterinary Neurology field as a receptionist. She has always had a big heart for animals, especially dogs. She and her family have 2 dogs, Hugo (2 years) and Mona (11 years), rescued from the Humane Society of Huron Valley. Samantha likes to spend her free time with her family at their lake house up north, reading, playing video games, and watching anime.

Katie, Assistant

Katie has been a part of the Countryside team since August 2020 with 5 years of previous veterinary experience. She grew up on a small farm and has been passionate about animals her whole life. Her primary experience is in small animal medicine with interest in wildlife rehab. She is also passionate about surgery and radiology. Katie has two dogs, a german shepherd named Cleo and a lab named Deja. She is obsessed with cats and has 3 at home. In her free time, Katie likes to spend time with her daughter and creates beautiful epoxy resin art.

Lyzz, Assistant

Lyzz has been working with animals since she was a little girl. One of her first memories is trying to free the salamander from her preschool science camp because he looked sad. Moving on to trapping “feral” cats in her neighborhood throughout elementary school and in junior high she quickly gained popularity in her community for reuniting owners with their “stray” dogs. Albeit misguided at times, there has always been a passion for the well-being of both her community and animals. As time moved on Lyzz continued to work within her community at the boys and girls club of Lenawee while becoming a first time foster failure.

In 2014 Lyzz finally took the plunge and began working full time with animals. She took the position of interim shelter manager at the Lenawee Humane Society and held that position for a little under a year. During that time Lyzz made the tough decision of becoming a stay at home mom for her first child. In February of 2018 Lyzz began working part-time as a veterinarian assistant at Countryside. On her off days Lyzz enjoys working at Needle-Lane farm in Tipton where her daughter can run wild and eat like a very hungry caterpillar. On the weekends Lyzz attempts to pamper her senior pets and allow them to have the best golden years possible.

Sarah, Manager

Sarah has been a part of the Countryside team since September 2020 with over 15 years of previous veterinary experience. Her range of experience includes small animal, equine, farm animal, and even tigers. She has grown up with animals of all kinds and currently has 2 senior dogs, 3 cats, and 2 horses. She is interested in starting her own rescue and is licensed in wildlife rehab. She is passionate about physical therapy, surgery, conservation, and exotics. She is always trying to learn more. In her free time, Sarah likes to spend time with her two children, loves the outdoors, and is passionate about horses, music and reading.

Jessica T., Assistant

Hello, I am Jessica. I have been part time at Countryside for about 7 years now. I started when I was in highschool by volunteering. It also helped that I have known Dr. Lisa since I was about 5 years old. I now have been working full time for the University of Michigan as a medical assistant mostly with pediatrics for about 2.5 years.

I have a black short-haired cat named Max, I got him from fostering him and his 2 sisters when he was about 3 weeks old. I also share a Rottweiler with my parents, her name is Jada and she is about a year old. I have had a lot of different animals that I have helped. One year I found a snapping turtle about the size of a half dollar and kept it until it was ready to be released the next year. I have fed baby mice by eye dropper before, bottle fed kittens, and fed baby bunnies, etc.

Outside of work, I love being outdoors in the summer, hanging out with friends and family. I absolutely love being in the water so being on the lake or at the beach tanning is so relaxing. I love traveling, especially if I’m visiting family. I haven’t been camping in years but would like to find the time to do that again.

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